Alittle Pollyanna

You need to print documents regularly (500 to 1000 pages per month). Traditionally the laser will fit your needs, but it is essential to look at the cost on the page according to your consumption because since two years of inkjet machines offer laser-like yields.

Cost calculation on the page: the Purchase price of the consumable divided by the number of pages announced in autonomy ex 50 € / 560 pages = 0.089 € the printed page.

Be careful, the number of pages may vary depending on the print mode (draft, standard, high definition) of the printed documents (text or photos) or the type of paper used.

Depending On This Result, Several Choices Are Available To You:

You choose a laser model. The printing speeds of the laser products are expressed in PPM (page per minute). The consumable called toner allows you to print a large number of pages at a lower cost than inkjet cartridges. The capacity of the paper tray and RAM (printer buffer) are important, they will allow you to gain productivity.

An LED laser printer is more compact and faster, it requires less energy than laser models through a system that deposits colors in a single pass on paper.

You can also opt for a professional inkjet model as fast as the laser but with a higher resolution than the laser. These models allow you to achieve 50 to 80% energy savings. High capacity cartridges a $ “up to 9000 pages in black and 6000 pages in color a $” allow for a cost on the economic page. Some models have 2 paper trays for increased profitability: you can put letterhead in one tray and white sheets in the second (no need to move to change the paper.